Manipulative therapies & physical medicine with rehabilitation

Manipulative therapies

The science of Manipulative Therapies provides a comprehensive understanding of scienceand modes of different modalities like Massage, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy in preventive, curative and rehabilitative therapy. The students are made to understand the principles and historical highlights of manipulative techniques; different types, their physiological effects, indications, and contraindications. They are also taught various essential oils with respect to the extraction, uses and combinations that are therapeutically used. Students are trained with varieties of massage like Swedish massage, Kellogg‘s massage, Shiatsu, Geriatric Massage, Paediatric massage, Antenatal massage,Ayurvedic massage etc.

physical medicine with rehabilitation

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation provides the knowledge and skills needed for utilisation of Physical medicine for therapeutic, rehabilitative purposes. Exercise therapy including starting positions, movements and their types, muscle strength, joint movement, relaxation, posture, co-ordination, gait, walking aids, neuromuscular facilitation, suspension therapy and their therapeutic applications, including allied modalities like heat treatments and cryotherapy are taught. The students are trained with electrotherapy in terms of fundamentals, principles, laws of electricity and magnetism, practical and theoretical aspects of electrotherapeutic applications, such as faradic and galvanic currents, high frequency currents, laser, ultrasound, radiation therapy (IR & UV), TENS and IFT.

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