Philosophy of Naturopathy & Principles of Yoga

Philosophy of Naturopathy

Philosophy of Naturopathy helps to understand philosophical basis of the system of Naturopathy, including basic principles of Naturopathy, concepts of health, causes and pathogenesis of disease and brief introduction to the various therapeutic modalities used in Naturopathy. The student can firmly establish diagnostic and therapeutic thought processes in the fundamental principles of Naturopathy. It includes the theories, principles of Naturopathy, Modern perspectives of Naturopathy, diagnostic procedures of Naturopathy, like spinal diagnosis, facial diagnosis, iris diagnosis, and chromo diagnosis.

Principles of Yoga

The subject emphasizes on the basic principles of Yoga with respect to history, definitions, philosophy and practices of Yoga including different schools of yoga like Astanga yoga etc. Student learns various concepts of Yoga, asana, pranayama, meditation techniques, yogic diet and a brief introduction to all the basic principles of Yoga.


The goal is to provide a comprehensive knowledge of Sanskrit in order to be able to study, understand, comprehend and utilise the knowledge contained in Indian traditional texts in their professional practice, especially in the field of Yoga. The student will be able to describe the kinds of nouns, verbs, pronouns, gender, number, and declensions. It is an attempt to make the student speak fluently in Sanskrit.

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