Home away from home

Living away from home could be a very daunting task for anyone. When students leave the protected home care to a remote unknown location poses a lot of challenges to get adjusted. But here on campus, we have designed truly a home away from home.
At Yenepoya, we welcome you to a wonderful environment for your academic progress, along with social well-being. We have one of the best kept green campuses in the region. When you step into our campus, you’re going to be taken in by the beautifully landscaped gardens, the shade of trees and green cover. The impressive buildings that house the academic and administrative infrastructure of the university gel with this green cover beautifully. Our eco-friendly ventures are a testimony to our commitment to maintaining a green and sustainable ecosystem. The rainwater harvesting pond spread over 2.5 acres recharges and replenishes the groundwater in and around the campus and nurtures a variety of flora and fauna.

Yendurance zone sports complex (Indoor sports complex)

The student’s life in Yenepoya is a healthy mix of academics, fun activities and sports. Amidst the picturesque landscaping lies our sports ground, which is every sports lovers’ dream. After college hours, it is a common sight to see the students making use of every corner of our international standard playgrounds practicing football, basketball, or cricket. Closer to the hostels are the floodlit basketball, volleyball, badminton and squash courts. The sports complex also houses sophisticated, fully fledged gymnasium with imported gym equipment. Want to watch a movie? We have a theatre of 150 seating capacity with Dolby digital sound system inside the sports complex!

WiFi enabled digital campus

The digital era is characterized by the technology enhancing the depth and breadth of knowledge. Yenepoya is a digital campus supported by Yen-Net (Wi-Fi) service which works 24X7 from 90% of the living area in the campus. Open access to the internet also exposes one to harmful content, security threats and data breaches so here at Yenepoya we provide filtered and secured data access to learning material as well as entertainment and social channels.

Central Library

Our central library is a place where students spend much of their lives outside the classrooms. It's not just the 30,000 books, but you can access various e-resources including the e-databases such as EBSCO, HELINET, INFONET and the other subscriptions. There is also an e-learning centre and a digital library to aid students in online learning.


It's not just the variety of food but the buzzing centre point of students meeting point! It’s the place you have to be in between the class breaks full of energy and always thriving with student activity and fun time. Place where your creativity pop out


It's not just the variety of food but the buzzing centre point of students meeting point! It’s the place you have to be in between the class breaks full of energy and always thriving with student activity and fun time. Place where your creativity pop out.

Nature is another closest companion you will have along with your fellow boarders at Yenepoya cluster of hostels. The salubrious climate, peaceful environment and the surroundings make it a perfect setup for the enrichment of personal growth mentally and academically.

Separate hostels are provided for both men and women as follows.

  • YMK men’s hostel with a capacity of 500, for medical, dental UG’s, physiotherapy and nursing students.
  • Zulekha ladies hostel with 866 capacity for dental, medical UG’s, medical interns, physiotherapy and nursing students.
  • Gardenia Hostel with three blocks
    • ‘A’ Block for male PG’s dental medical, foreign UG students with a capacity of 216 students.
    • ‘B’ Block for female UG dental, medical, dental interns with a capacity of 600 students.
    • ‘C’ Block for female PG’s both dental medical and foreign UG students.

All the hostel rooms are furnished and equipped with basic amenities. PG hostels are air-conditioned, whereas, in UG hostels, air-conditioned rooms are provided as per the personal request. The hostels have attached dining halls, TV rooms, Wi-Fi facilities, RO drinking water, and Laundry facilities. The hostels have a food kiosk and coffee shop which is open till midnight.


At Yenepoya campus, we understand ensuring a safe and secure environment for students is our primary responsibility. To achieve this, we have deployed adequate emergency response plans and procedures. The campus is monitored and recorded through a vast network of CCTV. Security personnel are deployed around the clock at all entry and exit points, including critical areas on the campus. Full-fledged NABH accredited hospital welcomes students any time for medical care. Unauthorised Absence from hostels or classes is automatically reported to the parents or caretakers digitally. Anti-ragging, harassment and substance abuse monitoring cells operational.

In-house centralized Food processing

The food processing division is a professionally managed food production unit in service since April 2012. The food is prepared using state- of- the- art, mechanised facility. The food is untouched by hand and is completely hygienic. The food processing unit supplies around 6500 quality food packs per day to student

The education block of the campus houses two restaurants which serve about 5000 packs of regional and continental food per day. Free high-quality diet food, as per the prescription of the hospital dietician, is served to the patients in our hospital along with the patient attendants. The campus also attaches six pleasing cafeteria outlets, which serves variety and specialised food 24 X 7.

The production of the food is as per the rules and regulations set out by the Indian Food Standard Authority.

Laundry services: Taking Care of Your Chores

In house laundry services takes care of daily laundry requirements. Door to door laundry pickup and drop-off logistics built into all hostels, thereby eliminating the time spent by students on daily chores. We manage all kinds of laundry, such as general linen of hotels, uniforms, and garments, including dry-cleaning and ironing services.
The machinery allows us to wash linen utilising up to 75% less water, chemicals, and energy. We continue to find new ways to improve and expand our environmental awareness initiatives, such as water conservation and degradable compounds.

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